Worst. Overuse Of. Punctuation. In A Sentence. Ever. Plus, other punctuation trends!!!!!

Three words: Too. Many. Periods. 

Within the last few years, those tiny little dots have spread all over the internet at an alarming rate. Spreading. like. chicken. pox. How did it start? Certainly it was clever the first time we all saw it. It was probably in the form of a review in which someone wrote something like, "Worst. movie. EVER." 

Oh my! A sense of drama created by periods alone. Clever! 

Over time, it spread all over the internet, and it. just. wasn't. so. clever. anymore. In fact, it's kind of... annoying. No. Really. Not kind of. It. IS..... annoying.

Do you see what I just did? I did this...

Now THAT is a habit I got into in the 90's when I chatted with people in chat rooms at such a fast pace that I wouldn't even bother properly ending sentences anymore... they would just run on and on.... like this.... I'm sure it annoys people at times.... I feel like I need to go back to school and study punctuation all. over. again.

So, take it from me. Be careful with the overuse of the period. Or, "full stop" as people in other countries say. If you keep doing this. Some day. You'll wish you could go back. to. the. basics. 

The exclamation point is something that also gets overused!!!!!!!!!!! And I am guilty of this one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I am really excited about something I tend to use a lot of these!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry.... I know it's a pet peeve to some people. I can see why. I try to hold back on them.  When I get excited about something, they just multiply. !!!

Let's go back to what I said in the beginning of this blog entry. "Three words:" (followed by a colon). I started this whole topic off with that because that whole "Three words", "Two words", "One word" (followed by a colon) trend gets overused just as much as the period. That doesn't mean we should never do it. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves. It feels just TOO good to try to make a statement in such few words that we can't help ourselves.

There's even the "Two words trickster". That's the person who claims they are going to state something in just two words, but then they add a third word to throw in an extra dose of clever. Then, they follow that with something like, "Okay, that wasn't really two words. It was three." Those tricksters! They could have gone back and changed "Two words:" to "Three words:", but that just wouldn't have had quite the intended chuckle impact. 

In conclusion, do you remember how everyone back in the school days always started the last paragraph with "in conclusion"? 

Furthermore, thank you to  .for posting. the Dean Martin. and Victor Borge. video. on YouTube. Thank you to Dean Martin and Victor Borge for teaching us about punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!