Titanic's Last Full Night

100 years ago, on this night, passengers on the Titanic were enjoying their last full night of joy on the ship that they believed was unsinkable. They would go to bed, have a full day the following day, and then late that night, at 11:40 pm, the ship would hit an iceberg. Tonight was their last night of sleep on the Titanic. It was the last night of sleep that 1,514 people would ever have.

It's strange to imagine a tremendous ship sailing across the ocean in the darkness carrying thousands of sleeping passengers across the Atlantic one night, and then the following night that very same ship sank to the bottom of the ocean, along with 1,514 of it's passengers. Tonight, they were enjoying the luxury of brand new fresh sheets, pillows and mattresses. Tomorrow night, they would awake to the feeling of a "bump", or to the sound of people letting them know they needed to leave their rooms. There were also people who were still awake, enjoying all of the luxuries the Titanic had to offer.

On this night, people still believed the ship was unsinkable. It was brand new, sailing for the first time, it was enormous, and it wasn't supposed to sink. Yet, it did.

One hundred years have passed, and yet, even though we weren't around when it happened, it somehow seems like only yesterday. We somehow feel connected to these people. Even though al those souls were together when they lost their lives, it seems like such a lonely place out there in the middle of the ocean. Husbands and fathers had to stay behind as their wives and children had to exit the ship alone. It's heartbreaking to think of how many fathers and husbands ended up at the bottom of the ocean who only wanted to be with their families again. 

Sending peace out to all those souls, who are still resting there with the Titanic. You are not forgotten.



Thank you to  for posting the video on YouTube of Titanic survivor Eva Hart. Although she is gone now too, my heart goes out to her that she lost her father 100 years ago on the Titanic. All of the survivors are gone now. May they forever rest in peace.