Retropolis Tour of America: Rollerskating Dance Moves that ROCK in Little Rock, Arkansas

These dance moves don't just ROCK. They ROLL! 

When I lived in New Orleans I used to watch the best breakdancers I've ever seen who would regularly perform on the streets. They could do foot work that would almost make you believe they were magical - as if their feet were going to float right up off the sidewalk. At times they would make me wonder how they could do certain moves without breaking their ankles or snapping their neck. 

The foot moves of these rollerskaters in Arkansas really struck me in that same way because I don't see how they can flip their feet to the side like that and temporarily rest on their ankles - without snapping their ankles because their feet are bending from a greater height with rollerskates on. They also have figured out how to do Moonwalk-like smooth moves on their skates. The best I could ever do on roller skates was move my feet in figure eights. My goal while skating was mainly to keep from falling. So, these guys are a world away from what my feet could ever do. 

It's great to see that rollerskating still rocks in Little Rock! 


Thank you to   for posting this roller skating video on YouTube! I'm not sure where it was recorded, but I do know there is a rollerskating rink in Little Rock, Arkansas called Arkansas Skatium, so this may have been recorded there.