Retropolis Tour of America: Los Angeles, California Homes in the Platinum Triangle - Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air

The most expensive homes in America are located in the Platinum Triangle of Los Angeles - Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel Air. You will find homes that are both old and new, but since this is Retropolis, I'll focus on the old. 

One of the most recognizable homes of this area is the Tudor style mansion in Holmby Hills, owned by Hugh Hefner. Built in the 1920's, the home now known as the "Playboy Mansion" was one of the first homes in the Holmby Hills neighborhood. Hugh Hefner purchased it in the early 1970's. You can get a full look at the inside of this home any time by watching episodes of the reality show "The Girls Next Door", which is about life in the Playboy Mansion. 

Many celebrities have lived in Holmby Hills over the years, including Walt Disney, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe. Holmby Hills was developed for the purpose of large estates on large lots, so it's no surprise that celebrities purchased homes in Holmby Hills. Located in two sections on the north and south side of Sunset Boulevard, you'll know your in Holmby Hills not only because of the beautiful estates, but because Holmby Hills has distinct street lamps that were designed specifically for this neighborhood in the 1920's. You can see the Holmby Hills street lights on the George A. Eslinger Street Lighting Photo Gallery:

To the east of Holmby Hills is the city of Beverly Hills, a city that began just a little over 100 years ago that is now known around the world as one of the "richest cities in the world." Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the well known Beverly Hills Hotel, which opened on May 12, 1912.  When people think of shopping in Beverly Hills, they think of Rodeo Drive, and we imagine it to go back forever in history as THE place to shop, but it really only became popular as a shopping destination in the 1970's, thanks to Fred Hayman and his yellow and white striped boutique, Giorgio Beverly Hills.

Two of the earliest famous residents of Beverly Hills were Mary Pickford and Douglad Fairbanks, who had an estate called Pickfair. Sadly, the home of these early silent film stars was demolished after it was purchased by Pia Zadora.

To the northwest of Beverly Hills is the 1920's Bel Air neighborhood.  The earlier section of Bel Air is East Gate Bel Air (the entrance is at Sunset and Beverly Glen). A few of Bel Air's earlier celebrity residents include Louis Mayer, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Alfred Hitchcock, and Elizabeth Taylor. 


Thank you to  of the Christophe Choo Real Estate Group at Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills for posting the video of the incredible views of the Platinum Triangle on YouTube.