Retropolis Retro Tour of America - Massachusetts - George's Coney Island Hot Dogs in Worcester, MA

The next stop on the Retropolis retro tour of America is George's Coney Island in Worcester, Massachusetts. In about five years, it will celebrate it's 100th birthday. George's Coney Island was founded in 1918, and expanded 20 years later. The neon sign that people recognize today was created in 1940. You can find out more about the history of George's Coney Island at 

Their famous grilled hot dog is served with "the works": yellow mustard, their famous chilli sauce, and chopped onion. They have other toppings if you like to jazz it up with your hotdogs. Plus, they serve more than hotdogs. Their menu even "feels" like the past, like something your grandma would tell you she used to love to eat at a favorite restaurant, diner or hamburger stand back in the good old days - from a place that no longer exists. But, George's Coney Island DOES still exist. You can experience anything you want from their good, old fashioned menu: burgers, egg sandwiches, egg salad, cheese and tomato sandwiches, 1/2 sour pickles, homemade baked beans, and much more! Their menu is on their site. 

If you love to try different hot dogs from original old fashioned hot dog restaurants, just use the search bar above to search for the word "hot dogs" to find more original old hot dog restaurants in America. To find more unique places from the past in Mass, just click on travel and search by zip!


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