It's "Wear Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces and Listen to a 1950's Seeburg Jukebox" Day! Why? It's Dodie Stevens' Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Dodie Stevens!  Geraldine Ann Pasquale (who we know as Dodie Stevens) was born February 17, 1946. She became famous at the young age of only 13 when her song "Pink Shoe Laces" became a big hit. I wasn't born when the song was released, but I first heard the song when I was about 11 years old in the 1980's. I was listening to a cassette tape of a variety of hits of the 1950's and the song "Pink Shoelaces" really jumped out at me. I kept rewinding it, listening to it again and again while dancing around the living room. Her voice is so cheery and the song is so catchy! I remember wondering as I listened if it was common for men in the 50's to wear tan shoes, pink shoelaces, a polkadot vest, and a big Panama with a purple hat band. The visual was fantastic! 

I'm sure young people today who have never heard the song would enjoy it too. I found this YouTube video of a 1951 Seeburg JukeBox 100B playing Dodie Stevens' song "Pink Shoelaces". Doesn't a colorful, shiny jukebox like that make your heart go pitter-pat? The jukebox is 60 years old, but it has been beautifully restored. Thank you to 1980pacecar for creating this video of the jukebox you restored and sharing it on YouTube! 




Dodie Stevens has her own website where you can find out more about her and buy her music:

Dodie Stevens singing "Pink Shoelaces" with her daughter in 1999:

The Lawrence Welk Show with Roberta Shore, Rocky Rockwell, and the Lennon Sister performing "Pink Shoelaces" in 1959: