Dick Clark, American Music and New Year's Eve will Never Be the Same Without You.

Dick Clark - what a man. As I was growing up, I noticed he never seemed to age. He had a timeless, youthful quality about him that never left. He was a go-getter who was young at heart. Therefore, he would never give up, not even after he had a stroke. Yes, the stroke harmed his absolutely perfect voice, but it didn't seem to harm his will and his spirit one bit. Year after year, he returned to Times Square so we could still have our rockin' eve with Dick Clark.

We could all learn from him. He was living his dream. Why should he give up on it just because he had a stroke? If he still loved it, why quit? He was proof to all of us that if you follow your passion in life, it won't feel like work to you. Therefore, you'll never want to quit, even at the times that are apparently the toughest.

What an inspiration! And what an influence! 

Disck Clark had such an important role in American music history. Every kid who ever loved music (and what kid didn't love music?) knew who Dick Clark was. Music and Dick Clark were always together side by side. Dick Clark introduced American teenagers to many musicians who would go on to become huge stars. He will never be forgotten for the millions of hours of musical fun he provided to American teenagers. 

Every year began with Dick Clark. Literally. We rang in the New Year with him. What a great way to begin each New Year! Thank you, Dick Clark! You will be missed by millions, you will be missed by musicians and music lovers, but you will never be forgotten. Hard to believe America lost you today. You are such a part of our lives that it doesn't yet seem real. 



Thank you to  for posting this awesome 1959 clip on YouTube of Dick Clark and his parents on This Is Your Life!

Dick Clark was just 30 at the time.