Canton, Ohio - Meyers Lake Amusement Park - R.I.P.

Our retro tour of America has a special place in my heart with this stop in Canton, Ohio. I was born in Akron, Ohio, but we lived in North Canton. I have heard many stories about how great Meyers Lake used to be. When my mom was a little girl, her family used to go there every year because her dad worked for Goodyear and Goodyear would have their annual company picnic there. From what I have seen online, Meyers Lake was a popular site for other company picnic days too.

Does any company do that anymore? A company picnic? A company fun day? When I was a girl my dad worked for a company that had an annual picnic, and I remember going to a company picnic with a friend of mine for the company her mom worked for, but I never see or hear of company picnics anymore. I don't think there are many company Christmas parties anymore either. Or, bonus pens, bonus watches, etc.

My grandpa had a tradition that he hid a penny in a tree at Meyers Lake, and every year they would go back and check that tree to see if the penny was still there. Although all the rides have been torn down, I can't help but wonder if the tree is still standing, with my grandpa's penny still hidden in it's place. Although I wasn't even born yet during that tradition, I can't help but feel very sentimental about that penny.

My grandpa won a Chinese lamp there playing a game. I wish I could see what that 50's Chinese lamp looked like! I don't think they give out lamps as prizes in amusement parks these days.

The end of the video is sad to see what happened to those rides that brought people so much happiness over the years, from the flying rockets to the wooden Comet roller coaster. Meyers Lake Park closed in 1974.


Credits: swampfoxer for the video, and swampfoxer wrote "Thanks to the Sinclair & Garner child for allowing the use of these video clips which I edited and shuffled about with a new audio track."


Edit: I originally posted this blog entry in 2009, but wanted to bump it to the top to kick off the summer of 2013 with great summer memories! Your comments have really touched my heart. I wish there was a whole collection of videos from Meyers Lake! If I find more, I will certainly post them here! If anyone has any links to any photos of your visits to Meyers Lake, please post links to them here!

Please feel free to share additional stories about Meyers Lake too! No account required. Just be sure you click SAVE after you preview. This really was a special, magical place. Next year, it will be 40 years since this great park closed. 


It is also important to take

It is also important to take a lead on what is really going on. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Water Ski Show

I have the "Relections of Yesterday Meyers Lake Park Remembered" VHS Video.
It shows my parents in the Water Ski Show. My dad is unmistakable on the shoe ski. We donated our waterski jump and weedcutter and got into the Ski Club.
Best time of my life! I had a scooter and sometimes ran around with the owner's son. Red ribbons on your wrist and you could ride any ride all day. We used to stand on the seats of the Comet till they kicked us off lol.

Bittersweet memories..

My dad took our family to Meyers Lake Park some 50 plus years ago... and I remember feeling so Happy when I was there...My dad is gone now, and so is the Park, but the memories are still there...more of a feeling than a photo or a video....thank God for memories... :)

Myers Lake Park

The video sure brought back memories for me. I grew up in SW Canton. Back in the 60's my friend's dad worked at Goodyear and I do remember the company picnics there. I was able to go as a guest a few times. What a great time I had. As a child I would go with my mom and dad to watch fireworks on the 4th of July. They would shoot them off the point on the north end of the lake. It was quite a show, and the park was full. The food sold in the park was special to. Among my favorites were the rocket ride, tilt a whirl, the bug, the butterfly, the coaster, merry go round and of course laff in the dark. During the mid 60's I was around 13 years old. My mom bought me a swim pass each summer for $15.00. Every warm day me and several friends would walk to the lake. we would stop at Heggy's and get a milkshake on the way. Our usual route was to walk up Roslyn Ave through the Fairgrounds,(avoiding Hobo woods) and emerging next to the Village Inn. We carried our swim trunks rolled in a towel. We would meet other friends at the beach, and spent the day swimming. It opened at 11:00 AM. We went out to the dock and played tag, keep away and other games. Going off the high dive was exciting. Boats would roar by and make waves. The water was clear and cold. We also played foot ball on the beach. We had a group of girls and guys and would sit on several blankets listening to the radio, eating french fries. Many of my best memories center around Myers Lake Park. I wish I could go back for a summer. 7/18/13 Will.

Thanks for the video

That's a wonderful video and brings back memories of riding on all those rides. I especially liked the rocket ride going out over the lake.

My grandparents had a house not far from there and we would spend the 4th of July evening sitting on the back porch and watching the fireworks.

It's sad to see it gone, but at least we have the video to see it again. I didn't think I'd ever see pictures of it, let alone a video!

Thank you!


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Meyers lake

Growing up in Canton,ohio in the 50's I too was a HUGE fan of 'Meyers Lake Park".

My Dad also worked at Hecules and we always went to the "Park for the company picnic!

I'll wager MY Dad knew Your Dad!! last name...Kincaid.

Memories of Myers Lake Park

As a kid growing up in the 50's and 60's I too looked forward every year to attend Myers Lake Park on Nicholes Bakery Day. We were not wealthy by any means. Our Dad was working all hours building a business which I have the honor of operating today. We would save every Nicholes bread or bun bag through out the year which would earn each of us an equal number of ride tickets. There were four of us and we would divide up the tickets as equally as possible.
I enjoyed the "Laugh in theDark" , "Butterfly", "Scrambler", "Bumper Cars" and other rides I cannot remember the names of.
Definately a highlight memory in my life. I am glad to see some of the prize souviners of the rides still around today.
"Thanks For The Memories" !
Dave Richards

Local Thrill Parks..

The only good thing to come out of these local thrill parks is.. ME.. lol
My mom and Dad met at Summit Park...
They are Divorced now.. 27 years; i know it had something to do with this.. I just know it..

Sad things happen when the thrill is gone..

Meyers Lake -Summit Lake-Playland Park

What is it that made these parks become extinct? Politics usually are a first place to start making sense of why these things happen. BUT.. Between Disney and Cedar Point i think there was no way these little parks were able to survive or thrive. It just became such a Mega-Mecca Park experience with those amusement parks that people were like "that is no longer worth it to patronize the lil parks. We are still very fortunate to have one of the best amusement parks in the world in Cedar Point, right here in Ohio. So although i know there are good mems at those parks it is time to make a couple new ones at Cedar point.. Ride On!

Heart breaking !!!!

Heart breaking !!!!

Myers Lake

I enjoyed the video, it brought back some found memories. I not only visited the park when I was younger, I lived across the street from Myers Lake near the Village Inn. I was also an employee for two summers for 75 cents an hour. I worked in Guess your weight, balloons & darts and balls & dolls (3 balls for a quarter, knock 3 dolls on the floor and take home any prize you want). As Deb above who is my cousin, I use to also attend the United Engineering picnics with my dad.

meyers lake

My mom has many memories of the park.Her dad ran the place for Mr Sinclair,and she actually lived in a small house under the rollercoaster.I've always thought that was pretty neat

Such conflicting emotions

As a child in the 50s and 60s, I loved Meyer's Lake. We could not afford to go often, but my cousin worked for Ashland Oil and they had their company picnic there, so I got to go at least once a year. I loved the Comet and the rockets over the lake, but I also loved the arcade and ski-ball! The video of the rides and especially the roller coaster brought back wonderful memories. But the part about the Comet tracks falling down and the tower of the lake rockets was very sad. It made my stomach hurt and brought tears to my eyes. It was like watching a childhood friend die. So sad. So very sad.

Location needed

My name is Derek and I help out Duane, the founder and webmaster of the Roller Coaster Database. I am currently helping him out by locating and marking the remainder of the 'defunct' parks he has listed on the database. I am currently working the past Ohio parks. I found Myers Lake on the map but cannot seem to find any description or photo to pinpoint the exact location of the park. If you can help me out please let me know,

meyers lake park canton, oh.

the location is about 1/4 mile east of whipple ave.on

Location of Meyers Lake Park

I think you can find it here:,81.397177&s...

I think it's likely at the rough location of the large parking lot just east of Baycrest Dr.


Sorry, the position didn't work. Try looking up this location in Google Maps:

1523 Baycrest Drive Northwest
Canton, OH 44708

This is about where the park was located.

I miss Myers Lake Park !

Thank you for posting the video. I grew up in Canton in the 50s and 60s, and have many happy memories of outings at Myers Lake Park. The pictures of the disintegrated rides and the clips of the carousel being torn down were just so sad. The park was a part of Americana and I wish it had been completely preserved. Some developer bought it and turned it into housing on the principal of "Best and highest use", I suppose, but it just makes me sick.

My only disappointment was that the video had no footage of my favorite ride, the carousel. A beautiful example of Stein & Goldstein's artistry, it at least was preserved and can be ridden today at Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT. Here is a link to their site, with a picture of the lead horse.

Childhood dreams rekindled

I just watched the video of Myers Lake Park in Canton, Ohio. It brought back so many memories of my childhood . We would go there every year for the PPG Chemical picnic. My uncle worked for PPG and he got tickets for all of the family. We loved the park and all of the rides. I couldn't get enough of the Comet. I must have rode it 2 dozen times while we were there. My heart dropped when I saw them destroying the roller coaster and the rest of the park. It would have been so nice to have it preserved for other generations to enjoy.
Thanks for the look back in time.

Laffing Lady

The Laffing Lady is on

The Laffing Lady is on display at the McKinley Museum in Canton.

Here is a link to the Repository story about it.

During the summer, my sister,

During the summer, my sister, Nancy and I would visit my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Nick in Canton. Of course, the stay would not be complete witout several trips to Myer's Lake. Before there was Disneyland, my dream was to be left alone at Myer's Lake to ride all of the wonderful rides. This place will always be a fond memory.

Meyer's Lake

Thank you for the video! My Dad worked at United Engineering/United Foundries in Canton and had the shop picnics there and I loved the place, as a teen I went there with friends, I rode the Comet for the last time in '73! I almost cried at the end of the video. I get commemorative ornaments every Christmas but have missed the last 2 I think. The Rockets that swung out over the lake were sitting at Baylor Park in Navarre till last summer, the wood floorboards and door were rotted away. 2 years ago my husband and I stopped there and took pics of me with the 2 they had, another was in the Hall of Fame Parade several years back and had been converted into a vehicle. I have been trying to find a way to get a pic of the laughing lady but she hasn't been on display. I miss the place so much.
The Timken Co. still has shop picnics but they are going to smaller and smaller places as the years go by.
Thanks again for the memories!

Thanks for the memories

I'm 58 years old and Meyer's Lake Comet was my very first roller coaster. I remember being afraid of the laughing lady and laff in the dark. Now that I've seen this website plan to go to McKinley Museum soon to see her.

Steve Dubetz, Akron Ohio

An article about the laffing

An article about the laffing lady in the Canton Repository: