Born in 1899, Violet is 110 years old! What is her secret to longevity?

When I was a little girl in the 70's, there were still many people from the 1800's around. There aren't many of those people left these days, since those who were born in 1899 are now 110 years old. Pretty amazing that anyone born in the 1800's is still alive today, considering how far the field of medicine has come since they were born! Plus, ideas keep changing about what people can do to avoid getting sick and what they should eat that is healthy. 

What is Violet's secret to longevity? Toast and Bovril every day, and she also likes pickles. 

I actually didn't know what Bovril was, so I had to look it up. According to Wikipedia, it's a thick, salty meat extract made in the UK. If you've heard of marmite and vegemite, it's similar to that (I know that people in other countries would disagree with me about the similarity, but in the US most people don't eat marmite or vegemite, so this would be similar from the point of view of most Americans). Bovril was invented about 30 years before Violet was born, so she certainly had it her whole life. It was originally called 'Johnston's Fluid Beef'. 

Fluid beef and carbs? Who knew? In the 1990's people really started limiting the amount of beef they ate to the point that they didn't want anything that had beef in it whatsoever, and in the 2000's people tried to avoid carbs as if they were poison. Beef and carbs never scared Violet. Maybe Violet lived more of an "everything in moderation" life. (She didn't say that, but it's just a guess). So, it's toast, Bovril, and pickles for dinner tonight, everyone! Mmmmmm

To give a perspective on Violet's age: She was 13 when the Titanic sank, 30 during the great stock market crash of 1929, she was 61 when The Beatles were formed, 83 when Michael Jackson released the Thriller album, and probably around 96 years old when the internet really took off and started to get very popular. Best wishes for your 111th birthday, Violet! 

Thank you to KentTVdotcom for posting this sweet video on YouTube.