October 2012

50 Years Ago: First Episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - October 1, 1962

Fifty years ago tonight, Americans were introduced to a show that would be with them the next thrty years - The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Even though he retired from his show twenty years ago, in 1992, you will still hear comedians and entertainers today expressing their gratitude to Johnny Carson for giving them a huge boost in their careers because they were allowed to perform on his show. Not only are many celebrities grateful for him, but also the millions of Amercans who felt like they enjoyed a party every night before going to bed. read more...

20 Years Ago: Presidential Debate of 1992

Planning on watching the Presidential Debate tonight? I thought you might enjoy reflecting back on what we were watching twenty years ago. The Presidential Debate of 1992 was the first debate that included three candidates - Bill Clinton, George Bush, and H. Ross Perot. As we know, Bill Clinton ended up winning the election, and then the following election four years later. 

This clip from the election shows an issue we are still talking about today - healthcare.

It makes me wonder what we will be talking about twenty years from now. 


55 Years Ago: Leave It to Beaver debuted on this night in 1957

On this night, fifty-five years ago, Americans gathered around their T.V. sets to watch a new sitcom - Leave It to Beaver. The first episode had a different dad, and a different Wally, but viewers did get to meet June Cleaver and the adorable, young, Beaver Cleaver. Beaver was actually named Theodore, but we mostly thought of him as Beaver, or Beav.  read more...

1950's Halloween masks, costumes, and safety

Halloween is only two weeks away, and we all know what that means! It's time for two annual Halloween traditions:

1. Figuring out what Halloween costume to wear on Halloween.

2. Figuring out how to avoid tripping, falling, getting burned, or getting poisoned on Halloween.

As a child of the 70's and 80's, my generation was particularly concerned about Halloween poisonings. We were warned to eat only candy that was sealed in wrappers. read more...