Anna Paquin, Oscar Winner at Age 11 for Best Supporting Actress in The Piano, Turns 30 Today!

Anna Paquin's acceptance speech at The Oscars in 1994 is still one of my favorite Academy Awards acceptance speeches of all time. She was only 11 years old, but she seemed to genuinely understand and deeply feel what an honor it was to receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. When I watched the clip of the ceremony again just now, which showed the other women who were nominated, it reminded me what an incredible actress Anna Paquin already was at such a young age, to win against other actresses who were already well known for being extremely talented. What a night that must have been!

Anna Paquin didn't wear the typical over-the-top cupcake-esque pink pageant dress that we see young tiara-wearing pageant girls wearing these days, nor did Anna wear something too mature (i.e. innapropriate) for her age. She looked like a little girl who wanted to be dresed up, while still expressing her own style. It was just the right choice. The beaded blue hat was especially perfect for her. 

I recall hearing back in 1994 that Anna Paquin would no longer be pursuing an acting career, and I understood if she and her family wanted her to have a "normal" childhood. On the other hand, this little girl did seem to have a whole acting career ahead of her that had only just begun. 

Eventually, we did see her in films again. And, again and again! In fact, she has been in more films than she has celebrated birthdays. 

Happy 30th Birthday, Anna Paquin! 



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